Things to visit in Cottbus

Some facts about Cottbus (sorbian: Chóśebuz): Cottbus is after Potsdam the second largest town in Brandenburg and lies on the south-eastern limits of the Spreewald. Like many towns in the Spreewald, the Sorbian/Wendisch history of Cottbus left its mark on the town and characterises the cityscape and people´s everyday lives.

Sights to visit in Cottbus:

  • Historical Old Town: with its medieval gates, towers and its baroque town houses.
  • Cottbus State Theatre: considered as the finest Art Nouveau theatre in Europe.
  • Branitz Park: English landscape park – The park is considered the pinnacle of the development of landscape gardening art and is a landmark of international standing.
  • Schloss Branitz: The late baroque Branitz Palace lies at the heart of the park landscape. Prince Pückler was one of the most exciting persons of the 19th century, known as a successful writer, oriental traveller, dandy, womanizer, witty companion and lover of exquisite food. The elaborately designed interiors of the palace give an impression of the unusual life of Prince Pückler.

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Park Branitz
Park Branitz
Branitz Palace

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